Aug 4, 2008

If Men Are From Mars, Is Earth an Alien Planet?

by Joyce DiPastena

A week or so ago, as I was standing in the office supply area at Target, I overheard a little boy saying excitedly, "I think I need a pocket folder. I think I need a pocket folder."

Not wanting to stare, I sent a surreptitious glance in his direction. He looked like he might be entering first grade, second grade at most. He had dark hair and glasses and was fairly bouncing with excitement at picking out his school supplies. A pleasant faced man was with him, undoubtedly his dad who, I guessed, was giving his wife a well-deserved break from the opening frazzle of the fast approaching school season.

As the boy grabbed a folder with the necessary internal slots inside the cover and held it earnestly up to his dad, his dad replied in all seriousness:

"That will never fit in your pocket."

I had to dash around the corner of the aisle to hid the giggles that threatened to overcome me. I don't know how the rest of the conversation turned out, but let me just say here and now:

Hurrah!!! to all well-meaning dads, however occasionally clueless, who take the time to help out their wives and children by stepping outside of their comfort zones into what must, at times, appear to them a completely new and alien world!


  1. LOL! Thanks for the laugh, Joyce. I would have had to dash around the corner, too.

    Huzzah for sensitive, helpful dads!

  2. Very funny, Joyce!
    I'll add another hurrah to yours! Thanks for the smile.

  3. That's hillarious! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I hate to admit I was slow at catching the humor, but I finally remembered what a pocket folder is. Of course I've used lots of them, but not while I was a student in public schools. So, I had a good laugh at myself. Thanks.


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