Aug 20, 2008

It's official, I'm not a geek

by Terri Wagner

It was my turn to blog on Tuesday and I was jetting all over the country trying to get back home from a wedding in Spokane. I THOUGHT I could blog successfully via the Internet via a laptop via an airplane, now how cool would that be?!

It didn't work. I'm sure it was operator fault. However, I did have a wonderful time in Spokane, after all, how many people can say they escaped the 90s with 100% humidity and fly to the great Northwest to 100s, sheesh!!! I think it went down after I left.

My post boiled down to this: I have been faithfully keeping up with the BOM gospel doctrine class and flying over this beautiful country, I was struck anew both with its beauty and with my stewardship over it. The BOM reminds us constantly it is truly a blessed land and we who hold it must care for it.

Just last night as I drifted off to sleep home safe and sound I read where Captain Moroni promised that as long as those called Christians were faithful, the land would be blessed. There's our clarion call. To thank my Heavenly Father for such a blessed land, I must live up to the Christian principles Captain Moroni did.

Isn't it a truly a marvelous work and a wonder to have those who once possessed this land to warn us knowing they would lose it? Giving us the keys that can keep this blessed land in our hands?


  1. I hope McCain selects either Romney or Palin. I do not know Palin's faith, but Romney is quite articulate about the way he expresses and lives his faith.

  2. Glad you returned safe and sound, Terri! My sister and her family live in Spokane...actually, so do my Dad and step-mom, but they are on a mission in Chicago right now. Who got married?

    The call to be faithful and the accompanying blessings have been on my mind as well. Yes, it truly is a marvelous work and a wonder. Thank you for the wonderful reminder!

  3. I had a "what a beautiful land" moment today, too. But the state of our nation scares me. I know all I can do is try to live righteously myself, teach my family, and be involved in the political process.
    Thanks for the post!

  4. Well, I hope that those of us around the nation who are at least trying to do what is right can cancel out some of what the rest of the country is doing. The founders of our country also warned us that only a righteous nation would be able to hang on to our constitution; that it was wholly unsuited for an unrighteous people. Keep prayin' everyone!! Nice post, Terri.

  5. Hi back Kari: It was Christopher LeBaron. I know the LeBaron's are in the stake building next to the temple but I don't know their ward designation. He married outside the church unfortunately for the forever part but fortunately a wonderful young woman.

  6. I always try to be positive about people who marry someone not LDS. Maybe, hopefully, it means a conversion and then a forever marriage in one of the Lord's temples. Always keep the faith.


  7. Yes, we do have a wonderful country.

    It quite touched me to stand atop Pike's Peak and read Katherine Lee Bates' words (at least some of them) to "America the Beautiful". She claimed her insitation came mostly from standing in that very same place. I loved leading a chorus of Temple workers sing this hymn in a sacrament meeting in Australia. I get goose bumps every time I hear it. -- and I cry every time I recite "I Am an American" by Elias Lieberman.

    I'm fiercely grateful for the veterans who put their lives in stake for our freedom. I'm grateful for those who study and pray before they go to vote. I'm pleased to see how many, both inside and outside our own faith, honor Christ and try to follow his example. Yes, it also pains me to see and realize how many do not. I also hope the good will continue to outweigh the evil. So far, so good, but the current trend is indeed frightening. Were we ever released from the injunction: Every member a missionary?


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