Aug 15, 2008

Ode to a Summer Evening

By Kristine John
Bare feet skip, reveling as wet, moist earth kisses each toe.
Senses revive, strengthened by sweet, fresh air, recently cleansed by a summer thunderstorm.
Wonder ensues as a beloved pet chases a tarantula out of it's home. There is jumping, flipping, dancing happiness to be found on the trampoline.
Splashes and giggles can be heard at every puddle in the yard as rocks are thrown into the fresh-formed water holes.
Swing-set "monkey bars" prove to be enticing, even at age 9.
Webkinz stuffed animals find new adventures in the fading light...watched over by careful owners, "aunts" and "uncles". Sunset is met with a pleasant, cool breeze, making the hour outside a joyously refreshing one.
Summer...stay...stretch your reach and linger with us for just a little longer.
You are full of memories already.


  1. Adorable children...and lovely words! Thanks for the moment of reflection, Kristine. It was lovely!

  2. Dramatic, poetic, and delightful, but hardly like summer in the Phoenix valley, where we never want summer to last a day longer than it must. We do have days like that, however, so we can relate. Thanks for the pictoral reminded of those wonderful times. They must be your kids.

    By the way, the other day as I showed Ryan Brower (who married my granddaughter) something on the ANWA website, he saw your name in the right column. "I know her," he said. "She was my good friend in St. Johns." He's here now, doing a rotation at the Mayo Clinic, and graduates from PA (Physician's Assistant) school in Florida later this month. He said to tell you Hi.

  3. Anna! What a small world it is. Ryan is a very dear's been ages since I have seen him and his family though. Eileen is a wonderful fun to know that she is related to me.

    Having grown up in AZ (and lived in Mesa and Kearny for 10 years), I did think about how different a summer evening is here in Silver City, NM than it is in the Arizona desert. You are's the fall and spring nights that are delightful over there!


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