Jan 30, 2009

Musings On Sisterhood

By Kristine John

My sister has spent the day with me, helping me maintain my sanity and focus in the midst of this life changing ordeal (moving). We are both very excited at the days, weeks and months that lie ahead, and for the memories we will be able to make now that we live just an hour apart from each other.

(My children, upon waking this morning, asked repeatedly, "Is Auntie Becca REALLY in the guest room?" After multiple vocal reassurances from me that indeed, she was sleeping behind the door (and seeing the visual evidence of her car parked on the curb), they resigned themselves to the fact that they would have to wait to see their beloved Auntie after school today.)

My parents-in-law also stopped by this evening, bringing buckets of chicken and enough hugs to go around for all of us. It is a joy knowing that they too will be just an hour or so away, and that we can visit them more regularly as well.

I am finding that there is love and support everywhere here in Queen Creek, and have to wonder about the road that lies ahead.

I have spent a portion of the past month evaluating my priorities and trying to decide what I need to pursue in my time that I call my own. I have a number of things I love, and I must be completely honest and admit that the thought had crossed my mind that I might choose to step away from ANWA. I have not had the opportunity of attending chapter meetings, and have longed to feel the sisterhood of ANWA.

I can tell you tonight dear sisters, that the Lord knows the thoughts of our heart.

I had my visiting teaching companion reintroduce herself to me last Sunday as we talked about when we could go visit the sisters on our beat. I was excited to be assigned as her companion because she is one of the sisters that has made a consistent effort to reach out the past month as we have been adjusting to our new home.

Imagine my surprise on Monday morning when I arrived at Stacy Johnson's house (Hi Stacy!) and she told me that she was not only an ANWA member, but also part of the ANWA blog team.

I knew that I would be nearer ANWA sisters here in QC, but did not anticipate the Lord placing me not only in the same ward as an ANWA sister, but in a visiting teaching companionship with someone who wouldn't let me act on the feelings I was having of letting my writing slip away. (Although knowing my friend Joyce DiPastena is only an hour away too, it would have been hard to completely bury my talent!)

The Lord truly blesses our lives with the things we need. I know that and have experiences that testify of that to me. Right now, it is obvious to me that I need my sisters.

All of you.


  1. Amen!

    How utterly wonderful that you've found Stacy and vice versa. Don't go away, Kristine. We need you, too.

  2. Don't you just love the way the Lord orchestrates things?! I'm so happy you found Stacy..and the love and support you need. Hooray! We love you Kristine!

  3. We look forward to seeing you at our chapter meetings, Kristine!

  4. I called my husband the minute I figured it out before I even told you)and told him you were sent here to be my friend. How lucky am I?


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