Jan 20, 2009

Can We Bottle That?

by Terri Wagner

Due to a series of unfortunate events for a fellow church member, I volunteered to puppysit for a period of about two months to help them out while they looked for a new place to live. The puppy is at that chewy, energetic stage where she can look positively adorable and be a witch on wheels sometimes in a 15-minute period.

My older dogs are hysterical. One of them has given the puppy his mark of approval by licking her and wrestling with her. But then he poops out before she does. My Cassie however is NOT happy. My father is NOT happy.

Me? I'm loving it. I LOVE her energy. It reminds me of being young and going all the time until I passed out from exhaustion. Then getting up and going again. I miss that energy. Watching her makes me young again.

And the good thing about feeling young is the world of possibilities that seem to lie before you. Like writing. I always assumed I would end up a bookish college professor writing academic tones that only other academics read. Instead, I work for a magazine and want to write a action-packed adventure novel. I seem to plan things too much now. Like I actually plan naps...when did that start happening?

Which makes Joyce's post so appropriate for me. She's right and so is Susan Shaunessy and Nike. Just do it. Bottle up that energy and go for it. I'll just channel Zunga.


  1. Ahh yes, I remember puppyhood. I'm sorta of glad my dog is more sedate now. She matches my energy level better.

  2. Kittenhood is pretty much the same. When my cat, Clio, was a kitten, she was so incredibly wild. It was like, "Hey, I have this cool new body, but I don't quite know how to control it yet. But wow, look how fast I can go and even defy gravity by zipping up one side of Joyce and down the other before she can even get that scream out of her mouth!" LOL!

    And now, she, like I, both take our bodies far too much for granted. Somehow, the "novelty" wears off, and yes, we even begin to "plan" things, like naps. Unfortunately, unlike Clio, I feel guilty about it. (It must be nice to be a cat and have no conscience about such things.)

    I frequently bemoan the loss of my once youthful energy. On the other hand, I have definitely increased in experience and polished my talents from those more exuberant days. I may be slower, but I'm a better writer now than I was then. Still, I wouldn't mind a little personal burst of kittenish energy now and then!

  3. LOL...I remember chasing after my little ones all day long...and now when I tend my grandkids for a day it takes me another day just to recover! Whew!


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