Jan 10, 2009

New Years Goals---Yay or nay?

by Cindy R. Williams

A short while ago, our much loved founder of ANWA, Marsha Ward, invited me to blog on ANWA's Founder and Friends. I was honored and delighted to join such wonderful writers. I have to admit, that I had not been following this blog. Since that time, I have feasted on the insight of your words, and found this blog site to be a window of wisdom bringing light into my soul. I thank each of you for your lovely spirit and your talent in sharing your voice with the world, and particularly with me.

This is my first blog for ANWA's Founder and Friends. I chose to write on New Years Goals. I really hate guilt, and have been of the opinion that if you don't make New Years Goals, then you won't break New Years Goals so I was not going to make any this year. However, my husband taught our first Family Home Evening Lesson for 2009 and asked us to set a Spiritual Goal to improve on one single thing. Now, improving on one single thing is doable. This got the idea flowing that I could improve on one single thing in the areas of my life that I really want to improve. I came up with seven areas: Spiritual, Health, Family, Writing, Music, Peace, Service.

My Spiritual Goal is to feast on the scriptures. I set a goal 20 years ago this year, to read my scriptures daily. This goal became an ingrained habit. What I need now as I serve in the Primary, is to read the Relief Society and Gospel Doctrine lessons so that I will continue to grow. I set a goal to read these lessons each week.

For Health I have chosen to improve on eating to fuel my body, and to strengthen my body through regular exercise and increased activity, meaning participating in more sports with my family. I have also chosen to stop the guilt and obsession with dieting and love the me that I am.

My Family Goal is to serve each family member daily, and to listen attentively by stopping what I am doing and look into their eyes when they need me.

My Writing Goal is to complete, edit and send to agents and publishers my novel, "Thundertail's Tale: The Legend", the first in the trilogy about a boy, a dragon, magic and choices. This means that I will believe in myself enough to write or do something each day to make this goal happen.

For Music, I have kept this very simple. This year, I choose to play my harp to share and bless others and to fill my own well, not for monetary compensation.

My Goal for Peace is also simple; stop spinning my wheels, run smarter, not harder and accept myself at this very moment.

Service ties most of my goals together. The better I become in all these areas, the more I will have to give. I will give honestly to those I am inspired to serve.

I have once again ventured into the goal arena. I will work hard towards these goals. One last thought---even a small step forward in any of these seven areas will be a pleasing success to me. I choose not to let guilt be a part of my life this year.

I hope to hear your thoughts and comments on New Year's Goals. Did you choose to make any, and if so, what is your plan for 2009?


  1. I loved reading about your goals, Cindy. Recognizing who we are, and being true to yourself,is so powerful. My first goal is to finish my probability and statistics class. Then I am going to take one room each week to declutter, downsize contents, and deep clean...just in case I need to be ready to move at the last minute. My husband is notorious for making last minute plans...like the time I came home from shopping and he told me he accepted a job out of state and said the packers would arrive the next day and the movers the day after that. I guess my goal this year is to be prepared!

  2. I decided to opt out of goal making this year. I'm gonna coast for awhile on goals. But I hope you make yours.

  3. I am making a goal to make a list of daily goals every morning and accomplish one of them each day. Does that count? Today my goals are to bake bread, distribute all the clean laundry, and get dressed. I hope I can get one of them accomplished:)

  4. Cindy, thanks for sharing your thoughts on goal-making; they helped my thoughts coalesce too. A few goals that have come together: I'd like to have my kids' friends over more--unlike for some people, this isn't intuitive for me. I'd like to learn how to do some wheat-free baking for my son with food allergies. And I'd like to read one middle-grade novel per week. Not completely rounded yet, but it's a start.


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