Mar 15, 2009

The following was written when I was feeling a bit depressed about my writing skills. I had not written anything for quite a while, and I saw so many talented sisters around me doing so much that one day I came home and wrote this. Life is a great adventure full of ups and downs and I wouldn't miss one bit of it!! :)

Talent surrounds me but what do I do?
Sit at my home and I mournfully stew.
Never to reach for these heights by myself,
Of grandeur such, yet I sit on my shelf.

A FAKE, so I feel, feasting on others,
Credit I take, dear sisters and brothers.
Oh, who am I, should I simply give up
And look back on this with bridled disgust?

I wanted something that’s greater than grand
Novels, and poems with glory to stand
In front of the crowd, no fake would I be
But can I, oh can I have it in me?

I’ll practice and toil and never give up,
Not content not to grow to greater stuff.
The greatest, no, but I want Him to see
I’ll give all I have for the talents in me.


  1. Thanks Shawnette, My blog last Saturday was in the same vein, though not as cleverly done as your poem. I think we all suffer from self doubt, espcially if we compare ouselves to others. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Very few writers do not face self doubt. I love to read writer interviews and invariably they will say I wasn't really sure this would go over...and of course it did. Excellent poem.

  3. Thanks for sharing your clever solution to discouragement and doubt. I like the idea of showing the Lord we'll make the best of the talents He has given us.

  4. Great poem... and I marvel that YOU could ever feel any doubt. You have such remarkable talent!!! Glad you are in OUR chapter!


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