Mar 16, 2009

Writing Education

by Joyce DiPastena

I'm feeling totally traumatized by a new calling from my bishop, and since I can't blog about it until I'm sustained next week and I'm too stunned to be able to think of anything else to blog about, I'll just share with you two writing-related thoughts my sister received at a genealogy conference she attended this week. This came from a lecture on writing genealogy, but I think it can apply to all writing:

Expect the writing process to be a college education.
Expect the editing and publishing process to be a graduate education.

So, let's all go out there and get ourselves educated! (I'll join you, just as soon as I finish feeling traumatized, but that could be awhile.)


  1. Good luck Joyce on whatever your new calling is...I have certainly had those "surprise" callings myself but grew into them just as I know Heavenly Father knew I would.

  2. Joyce, just remember that the Bishop didn't call you...the Lord did! whatever it is, He will be with you all the way and wherever you feel less than adequate, he will give you whatever you need to magnify your calling. You will grow and blossom and touch many lives. What a blessing you wiil be to your ward!...well, you already are...but you know what I mean. big hugs to you!

  3. Love the two education levels. Sounds about right. You will do great at whatever you are called to do. Remember, the Lord is doing the calling, and he knows and loves you.

  4. I appreciate the undergraduate and graduate divisions. I'm sure they will help me put my writing efforts in better order. All the best in your new calling! I'm sure you'll be wonderful.


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