Mar 18, 2009

It's a date

by Marielle Carlisle

I’ve made it a goal this year to write something everyday, or to at least LOOK at what I’m working on to refresh my mind on my current progress. I chose this as my main goal because I get lazy. So far I’ve found it hard getting into the habit.

I told my fabulous friend Wendy about my goal, and she told me something that I’ve really taken to heart. She said “Your muse needs to know when to show up!” I just love that. When I’m tired and about to collapse into bed after a 16 hour day of kids, I think “My muse! She’s expecting me.” I can’t just stand her up; that would be impolite. Even though she’s fickle and unpredictable, I have to give her the opportunity to speak to me.

So tonight I’ve got a date with my muse. I just hope she shows up.


  1. Keep looking for that muse. Writing takes energy.

  2. I can relate. I like that...thinking my muse is expecting me. I'm reading a book that asks writers who say they don't have time to write, "Did you eat today? Did you brush your teeth? You made time for that."

  3. My muse found your blog amusing. I like the idea of meeting her daily.

  4. My muse dumped me. So I'm back on the market, working on my muse pick-up lines: "Right now, my subject is agreeing with your verb." So far... no takers.

  5. Cute and to the point!! Nice. I think I may have given my muse incorrect directions... need to double check!! LOL


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