Jul 16, 2010


by Joan Sowards

What would YW camp be without drama? Boring. What would a novel be without conflict? Just as blah.

I recently spent five unforgettable days at YW camp. Imagine, no girls worrying about social status, no backbiting, everyone happy with the cabin and the girls they were assigned to, and no one getting homesick. Heaven, huh? Well, that wasn't our cabin.

Honestly, the girls were wonderful for the most part, but we had our moments of drama. Can you imagine a novel about girls' camp with NO drama or conflict? It would never be published.

Conflict creates memories, a good story, and lots to laugh about later. (Crisis + time=humor.) It also gives us a standard of measurement to gage the girls’ growth and maturity in years to come.

Opposition in all things—drama at girls’ camp. I sure love my girls.

In a good novel, conflict is the driving force. Without it, there is no story.


  1. I have to agree that conflict equals story and is to be expected with teen girls. But, I say better you than me managing the drama. I didn't even like it as a teen.

  2. I'm with Susan. I loved camp, but the drama is too much for me. But, you have a point, because so much of my memories have to do with some sort of drama.

  3. Wow...then I have lots to write about! Like the time another girl pulled a knife on me because I wouldn't trade her cabins. We were admonished to stay where we were assigned. I love Girls' camp though. drama and all...

    I watched a drama series the other day that was recommended be a family member. Imagine my dismay when the conflict was essentially solved less than halfway through the show. I think we need to sic some ANWA writers on some of these screen plays.

  4. Oh, yes. Nobody does drama like teenage girls.

  5. Great post, Joan! Soooo true. Course I had five girls who were all teenagers at the same time. My house was like ongoing girls' camp!

  6. Thanks for all the comments, ladies. I have to laugh at myself -- I've caught myself looking forward to camp again next year!


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