Jul 7, 2010

Don't Judge an Author by Her Book

by Tamara Passey

Especially when she doesn't have one. Yet.
Actually, I prefer the term pre-published.
It's much more optimistic, isn't it?
I borrowed that phrase from a T-shirt website.
I was looking for one to wear to the recent LDStorymaker's Conference.
I wanted to get noticed or make a good impression. Then I decided the two were not the same and opted for clothes without words across my chest. First impressions are tricky.

I remember a teacher I had my senior year in high school. His name was Mr. Tingblad. Yes, really. He was stout, wore glasses and had a mustache. Most students didn't give him the time of day, maybe looking at him too long made them uneasy. But you know what? In the four years I went to that school and out of the 5,000 students and faculty, he was the only one who ever noticed and asked me about my CTR ring. He wanted to know what the initials stood for - as my personal initials were different. I told him "Choose The Right" and his eyebrows raised and a smile broke out across his face. "I like that." He returned to his desk and in a few days I noticed he began signing his papers and putting the CTR letters underneath his signature. Go figure.

I've been thinking about the amazing people I've met through ANWA this year, one chapter meeting, one blog post or one comment at a time and I've decided I love this community of sisters that understand the writing life.

I read something recently:
"Your past is not your potential. In any hour you can liberate the future."  Marilyn Ferguson

Now when I sit down at the keyboard, or sometimes with my notebook and pen, I tell myself I'm not simply writing - I'm not just making an impression, I'm also liberating my future.


  1. Love it!
    And it was great meeting you at the conference. Happy to see you blogging here. Welcome.
    I LOVE ANWA too!

  2. WOW. I loved everything you said--from the CTR story, the pre- published T-shirt story, and the quote from Marilyn Ferguson. Can I say wow again?


  3. It's a great thing that distance is no longer a barrier between people. I've met so many incredible people on my journeyings through the internet.
    Thanks for the post.

  4. loved that experience you had with your teacher! how neat!

  5. I have a picture of Mr. Tingblad..I'l have to send to you. He was funny. I like your take on the creative process. We both sit at a keyboard, although I try to make music with mine. All the while thinking, "this will be a another song that just sits in dusty pile." I guess I have to be more positive so I can liberate my future...geeze, just when I was beginning to feel at home being negative and grouchy

  6. Great description of Mr. Tingblad. People often have a hidden suprise. I wish I had discovered ANWA years ago. I loved the positive quote. Writing is therapeutic it would be great if it unleashed some hidden potential also.

  7. Great description of Mr. Tingblad. I think most of us have had a "Tingblad" in our lives, one way or another. After all, there are many different kinds of teachers all around us. As ANWA sisters, we're all teaching each other.

    Thanks for your lesson!

  8. Great post. Thanks for the story and the quotes.


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