Jul 6, 2010

I Gave Up

by Terri Wagner

I quit the singles' site. First I had to deal with scam artists. Then I had the poor fellow who told me he was basically dying (and how do I really know this???). And then I got what I would term cybersex or at least a rather graphic sexual narrative of what I guess was mine if I wanted it. I only read two lines but that was enough for me to figure out where it was going. He did apologize. Funny thing though when I sent his profile to a friend of mine, she said red flag, something's not right here. Turns out she was right.

I don't regret trying it out though. I learned a lot about myself...I want real dates in person...and I'm not really comfortable saying hello, how are you? to someone miles away that could be a freak (not that I haven't met my share of them in real life it's just you generally know it right away)...or not. I tried it because 2 guys at work did and ended up marrying the women they met (one is a young man, the other around my age). Maybe eharmony is better; maybe it was a standards issue; maybe I'm just not very good at weeding through the profiles to find the one fella that was there like me to try it out. I know of at least 3 couples in my area that met and married via the Internet and so far are very happy.

So after an honest attempt, I'll just put that idea out of my head. So anyone know any single men my age out there? I think networking is the next alternative. ROTFL.


  1. Hey, good thinking. ANWA's all about networking!

  2. Except there are no male members. However . . . our members must have unattached male friends and relatives. Start asking!

  3. The only un attached males I know are my nephews. They are in in their mid-twenties. As a single woman over 40 I have been there with you.


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