Aug 13, 2012

Everything You Can Imagine....

by C. Wolfe

“Everything you can imagine is real.”   -Pablo Picasso
When I came across this quote, it stuck out to me. I've always read fantasy novels, stories with dragons, elves, magic, dwarves, trolls, etc. They're just me. When I was a bit younger I came up with a theory of my own regarding the stories we write. I've heard a lot of writers say that when they write, the characters speak to them, trying to get them to write their stories! This hasn't happened to me yet, but it got me thinking.

My theory (and I've heard of other people who agree with me on this) is that every story we tell has happened somewhere else in all the vast galaxies about. Perhaps there are dragons, werewolves, and other such creatures elsewhere in the galaxies. There are any number of worlds out there that could hold life just like ours and the characters we write about could be out there somewhere, or could have lived in the past on those worlds.

But, even if I'm wrong for some inexplicable reason, everything we can possibly imagine is still real to us. It's real to the writers, and if the writer does a good enough job, they're real to the readers as well. To the movie directors, the actors who play the characters. To everyone involved in the telling of a story, and especially those who watch the movies and shows, and read the books. It's alive to all of us, and that is why everything you can possibly imagine is alive. We bring them to life as we tell the stories and they keep them alive as they read them, listen to them, and watch them. 


  1. A very interesting thought! I have yet to have characters speak to me to write about them, but I know I get very involved with characters when I am reading. They do become real to me. Thanks for the great post! hugs~

  2. I hope you are right becos I've been looking for dragons and elves for a very long time.

  3. Funnily enough my best writing is written around 3am in the morning, while I'm fighting off sleepiness and have a huge headache! (hahaha)

    @Kari I only know of characters talking to the writer in the case of certain family members of mine. They seem to write their manuscripts faster too. Most of the books I read become real to me, so as far as I'm concerned they're all alive! You're welcome!

    @Terri I've been looking for Dragons and Elves for as long as I can remember, so I totally know what you mean! I've also been looking for Fairies. It's kinda hard because I live in a desert and don't own a garden!



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