Aug 1, 2012

Happy Wednesday!

by Kami Cornwall

You know how you get when you have been drowning in a sea of worries? The waves of need, stress, things that have to get done or the world will implode come crashing down on you. Then there's that moment when it finally dies down...just for a day. And you get a chance to breathe. You sit at your laptop blinking and wondering what in the world you could possibly contribute before the next wave crashes and you have to try and stay afloat.

That's where I'm at today. I'm catching my breath. Drying out. I have about ten minutes before I load the kids in the car and set off for the next journey.

The last two weeks I spent as THE WICKED QUEEN OF NARNIA!!! And that was a LOT of FUN! But there was a LOT of SCREAMING!!! And I was LOSING my VOICE from ALL of the SHOUTING and ANGER!!

So now it's all over and we are heading off to somewhere quiet and mild. Montana. Yes. Back to nature. Calm. Peace. Quiet. Ah.

My future? A romantic getaway before school starts. Yes!

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes it never seems to end does it? Being unemployed all these months has been a real trial. And the stress never seems to go away it just seems to change tunes. How do we embrace the stress?


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