Aug 4, 2012

Olympics and Writing

by Cindy R. Williams

I love the Olympics. I love to see the human spirit prevail, the incredible life stories of the impossible things the Olympians overcame just to be there.

One thing that hit me was a commercial about how one Olympian had not read a book or watched TV for a year because of all the time dedicated to training.



Now that is dedication.

Time to take a moment and look inside myself.  I invite you to think about it along with me.

What do we allow to get in the way of reaching our writing goals?  TV, reading, reading, blogging, emails, phone calls, FaceBook, computer games, cleaning the house, eating, napping, overscheduling so there isn't time to write?


  1. Basically all of the above. It's a problem...

  2. Good point, Cindy. I don't have a problem with the things you listed as much as I still struggle with allowing myself to write. I spend time writing copy because I get paid for it..eventually. I am determined, however, to overcome this block and write the darn book! hugs~

  3. I look forward to the day when I pick up your book from the shelf Kari!

    Britney, you will succeed!


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