Mar 22, 2013

. . . And That Kind of Month

by Marsha Ward

Last time I posted, I wrote about a day without power, that is, electricity. Today I'm going to muse on other stuff that has made up my month. It's been very interesting!

I had a birthday. So did a brother, two in-laws, several progeny, and quite a few of the progeny of my siblings. March can bankrupt a body.

My website went off-line. I decided to move it soon to another service, and bought a hosting package that turned out not to be suitable.

I had an interesting emotional breakdown. Interesting, because I discovered that the same thing happened exactly the same time last year. Trend-spotting is good.

I resigned from a position during the breakdown. Fortunately, the person to whom I sent the email was patient and waited out my breakdown.

I unresigned.

I settled back down into the day-to-day fending off of "Denial of Service" attacks to a website I monitor for the position I was again serving in. I'm sure some of the stress of this position caused the breakdown in the first place.

I began to write my fifth novel.

I was invited to participate on a high-visibility panel at a convention later this year.

I accepted.

I purchased a new hosting package for my website with another company. I was informed I can't make sales from my site with that package. Back to square one.

I came down with the flu I'd been battling off successfully for two months. I've been mostly in bed for the past three days. Except when I've been in that other vital room of the house.

Anybody know some very good stress relievers?


  1. Oh Marsha! Hugs and more hugs for you. Hooray for celebrations. boo for stress and being ill. As for stress relievers..I read one of your books. <3 <3 <3 I also find that yoga is super helpful. the stretching helps your muscles release lots of nasty stress toxins. Just make sure you dring lots of water. A good massage helps too. We should meet up somewhere and have a spa day!

  2. Melatonin...natural, not habit forming, and very mild. They prescribed this for my dad after all the physical drama he went through at Christmas. I've been freaking out over no job, so last night I gave in and took it. It just took the edge off the freak out. Does it help to know you are so not alone?

  3. oh yes...the melatonin has been helpful to me, too!


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