Mar 14, 2013

Singing With Angels

By Susan Knight

Well, we did it. My daughter Jewely and I sang in the Salt Lake Tabernacle.

Jewely and I before we left for the concert
The last time I wrote, I spoke about the dress rehearsal. I remember saying to a friend that if I didn’t sing during the performance, my joy was full and I was satisfied just to attend the dress rehearsal.

Little did I know then that the “real thing,” singing during the performance, was one-hundred-thousand times better.

All of us in the chorus were drenched in magenta light
I sat behind the organ, with the blue scarf
My heart was filled to overflowing after singing “Psalm 23” when the last notes of the chorus echoed and bounced off the walls and ceilings. The sister sitting next to me wiped her whole face with both  hands she was crying so hard. I had stuck a handkerchief in my pocket, thus able to dab my eyes.

At one point, I heard a not-so-still-small voice say to me, “Look around! You don’t ever want to forget what this looks like—feels like!”

I was glad I followed the prompting because, unbeknownst to me, I lost track of time and realized the music for the last song began to play.

By comparison, the dress rehearsal wasn’t worth mentioning. It was just another day. But, oh, the live performance enraptured and enthralled me, enveloped me in the spirit and beautiful music. It took my breath away.

I began to think about the comparisons to the three kingdoms of glory. We are told that the lowest kingdom is more wonderful and magnificent than we can imagine in our poor human minds. The terrestrial kingdom is so awesome and astounding as to be unfathomable.

Yet, we are also told not even to think about those two because if we end up there, there will be weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth that we didn’t aspire to the highest kingdom.

That’s how singing in that beautiful and historic builidng compared to practicing in the ward chapel and even rehearsing in the Tabernacle.

I would not have wanted to miss it for anything. I'm glad I made the commitment to attend the rehearsals, study and learn the music, practice, practice, practice and put forth my best effort.

The icing on the cake was when my daughter bore her testimony Sunday in Relief Society. She was unmistakably thrilled and awed by performing those inspiring songs and, according to her, being able to sing with her mom. (Like!) I felt the same way. My heart also beat with joy to see my other daughter and two sons-in-law sitting in the balcony, supporting us.

I want to be in a totally amazing and incomprehensible kingdom some day with my family. There will be angels singing, lights and auras flashing and flooding the air, peaceful and spiritual feelings, and the presence of Deity.

Until then, I must commit to keep the commandments, attend church and the temple, study and learn the scriptures. I must practice worthy behavior, and put forth my best effort in all I do. I want to be where the sacred and breathtaking celestial music dwells, in the bosom of my Father in Heaven.


  1. Thank you for sharing your joy and enthusiasm, Susan. What an absolutely memorable experience for both you and your daughter. We really do have a great deal to look forward to in the next life! hugs~

    1. Thanks, Kari. I always look forward to your comments :) Love your hugs ♥


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