Mar 4, 2013

By Tracy Astle

There are lots of advantages about getting older. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

For example, I've been big into goal setting since my early college days. In my twenties and thirties I would set a good , focused goal and head out full steam ahead. Let nothing get in my way!

Except something always did.

Maybe I wasn't so good at being realistic about my goals. Just maybe. Maybe I was a little better at getting discouraged or frustrated by my inability to reach my goals as quickly as I thought I should.

Right now my writing goals are also appropriately specific, but here's the difference - I'm wiser. I've been working for five years on a writing project which at the start I figured might take a year or two. And at this point in my life I'm okay with that. Before? Not so much.

So, the bottom line here is that while goals are very important for continuing our progress, so is maintaining our sanity. Relaxing and recognizing the forward movement we're making, even if it's waaaaaay slower than we hoped or expected, is not only okay, but wise. If we're doing what God asks of us, we're good. His timetable is often different than ours, whether slower or faster. Our Father loves us all along the way and appreciates our efforts. Shouldn't we, too?


  1. Best of all for me is the wisdom of 50 with the energy of my 20s and the looks as well yea that would be the ticket lol

  2. Great reminder Tracy! and good comment Terri! I agree. I have been beating myself up about taking so long to finish my degree. Not.any.more. I'm good! thanks!


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