Sep 5, 2013

A Scorpion Saga

by Kari Pike
...just in case you missed the drama on Facebook:

Chapter 1: Stupid scorpion. ouch. ouch. ouch....did I say ouch? Got stung on the side of my foot while I was in the garage. I washed the site and now am icing it. My tongue is tingling already ( 8 minutes later). It's gonna be a long night folks. And now when I try to drink my water, it feels like I have pieces of food stuck in my throat. My face is burning and I feel like a balloon is blowing up in my head. Nurse with the insurance company said to call 911. I don't want to scare the grandkids and since the hospital is just a mile away, Doug can get me there faster than the paramdics can get here.

Chapter 2: Well I'm home. In bed. Evidently I am having an allergic reaction to the scorpion venom. Secondary crossover reaction. By the time the ER doctor started the benedryl and morphine, my other foot and my hands went numb. It appears that the buggar got me twice.Entire body affected. Just typing this feels like I'm  touching a live wire. The pain in my feet is so intense, I can't walk. I can't even wear socks. But I was given pain meds, along with benedryl, zofran, and valium. So tired now. Good night all. Thanks for your prayers 

Chapter 3: Good laptop has recovered. Sadly, I'm too loopy to really accopmplish anything with it. I keep falling asleep in the middle of typing and reading. More good news: the "walking on red hot needles" sensation has toned down to a "walking on a toothpicks" kind of thing. My face is more itchy than tingly and the sensation of "licking a 9-volt battery" is nearly gone from my tongue. And I can swallow without feeling like I have half of meal stuck in my thoat. Not much of an appetite though. I've decided to write down everything I feel, taste, that I can use this experience to torture one of my characters. I mean, teach one of my characters. ha! I wish we had taken a picture of that scorpion.

Stupid scorpion story: Chapter 4: Wherein Kari can walk unaided, albeit crookedly, into the doctor's office. The elevated temperature explains why she feels like something she stepped in at the park. She gives up trying to be tough and uses the meds they sent her home with. She watches a mind numbing movie on Netflix until the meds kick in. She dreams of chocolate... 

To be continued... 


  1. Wow. I just watched the TV show "Royal Pains" tonight and on the show, someone got bitten by a scorpion on the hand. It looked like they were having an epileptic seizure, however, it was noted that the man was making eye contact. They didn't know what happened, until someone found the scorpion. I am so sorry you had to go through this. Oh, my! Prayers for you, my friend ♥

  2. Thank you, Susan. I keep telling myself I'm an adult and to stop being paranoid, but if I could I would strap a black light to my forehead and a minivac on my hip! I got home late the other night and really wanted to call my husband from the car to come out and get me from the car in the garage. so silly! 9 days later and my foot is still numb. Nasty!


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