Sep 10, 2013

From PCs to MACs

by Terri Wagner

I never cared too much for electronic wars. My first computer was a PC, and that was that! I knew other people had something called Apple, and I knew that Apple people were a lot more loyal to their computer. But who cared. As long as you were comfortable with what you had, your e-life should have sailed along smoothly.

Then I got a job using a Mac Air. No hard can it be, right? I cannot believe how different they are in operation. And this is not a dissertation on which is better, because I am not geek enough to know. What this is is a dissertation on how hard it is to switch back and forth. Just a little thing like where's the backspace button on a MAC? It's right there on the keyboard with the PC. I had to google to find out how it works. Little button called the fn has to be held down and the delete button. It's ok, I'm getting used to it.

Another small change that took some getting used to: it's Command, not Control. You'd be amazed how habitual we can be and especially with our electronics. At our small branch, we sometimes have to use CDs in Relief Society for music. We only have two pianists, and they usually not in RS. I got used to the old one, someone kind bought a new one...I'm searching frantically five minutes before schedule to figure out how to work the new one. Gave up! We've been singing A cappella for the past few Sundays. Truth tell, we are pretty good, and our Spanish sisters singing in Spanish make us sound like an international choir. But yes I know I have to sit down early Sunday and figure it out.

Don't even get me started on the difference between trackpad and mouse. It took me several google tries to find out how to personalize my trackpad. Frankly, I prefer the mouse, but feel in the interest of my job I should figure out how to use the trackpad. My spelling which was never that great is worse now. I end up googling instead of spellcheck because I can't figure how spellcheck works on a MAC yet.

When I get home and fire up my dinosaur, I breathe a sigh of relief. I hope it never gives up the ghost. I guess I'm just not that into the next best thing. Oh, and one thing more, my new BFF is google, seconded by youtube!

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  1. husband still uses the term "hit return" instead of "hit enter" and the kids get this hilarious confused looked on their faces. They search all over for a "return" button.

    I have a hard time using my hubby's iphone because I have an android. And I get really confused trying to use any of the MACs in the house...I like my dinosaur.

    Thanks for the great post! hugs~


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