Sep 27, 2014

Writing Retreats

by Cindy R. Williams

Much has been said about attending writing retreats. I am adding my two cents. Last Thursday about twenty ANWA members attended the ANWA Writers Workshop/Retreat hosted by Angela Morrison and Janette Rallison. It filled my well and gave me the writing spark I needed.

How magnificent is it that we have such gifted writers all around us in this wonderful organization. Everyone is so willing to share their knowledge, much of which was earned by struggle and hard work. THANK YOU TO all of the wonderful ladies in ANWA who had any part in this event. There is a special place in a snugly overstuffed chair in Heavenly Libraries for each of you!

1 comment:

  1. It was magnificent, wasn't it! I love our writing community. I looked up some MFA programs after this workshop and gained an even bigger appreciation for the knowledge being shared with us so freely. I don't have tens of thousands of dollars to participate in an MFA program - but I do have ANWA! Feeling super blessed. hugs~


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