Aug 25, 2015

Just Wanted to Share

by Terri Wagner

The time for "the talk" has come. I am basing it on this wonderful song by Carmen This Blood that I really love. The Savior is our advocate with the Father. Watching Intervention (as I have mentioned before) has given such a perspective of addiction but also of advocacy. Most of the people who prepare the family for the intervention process are ex addicts themselves. They warn the family of just what the addict will do. These people seem at times very harsh and unsympathetic. That is just wrong. They know the addict inside and out because they have walked that path. I love that though the families have a hard time with the process, the interventionist is always right.

Our Savior came to earth as a mortal being so He could experience what we do. Do not ask me to explain how He processed all of this. I only know and understand that He did. He loved, hated, despaired, went through all of the human emotions. And He did it to be an advocate for us. One definition I read from Sister Okazaki Lighten Up was an advocate stands with us in front of the judge. I always imagine the Savior doing the same thing for us. He knows, He understands on levels we may yet to understand ourselves. Much like the ones on the TV show. Those ex addicts really comprehend what is going on and stand ready to do battle for the family and ultimately the addict. Sometimes they win, sometimes they lose. Our Savior does the same thing for us only more perfectly, more lovingly, and always. That's what I came up with. Keep your fingers crossed I can do this!!!


  1. Thank you for sharing your insight. You are amazing. Sending heartfelt prayers for you and yours as you experiencece this challenge. hugs

    1. Your prayers worked. Everyone was impressed. Me? Not so much. I forgot some stuff and when reading from Sis Okasuki's book, I lost my place lol

    2. Sounds like the Spirit guided to say exactly what needed to be said. You prepared yourself...and then went with it. Goodonya! hugs~


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