Aug 30, 2015

If You Could Have Any Job What Would It Be?

Note:  Sorry this is late. It was a crazy week and today was the first spare moment I had to sit down and write. Hope you enjoy! ~Susan 

I have recently re-entered the workforce after nearly twenty-one years as a stay-at-home mom. The experience has been surreal, to say the least. I've traded the drama of temper tantrums and poopy diapers for co-worker drama and mile-long to-do lists.

I'm interning – trying to cram 300 hours of work into a six-week time frame. If you do the math, you realize I'm undertaking a mountain of work. Lucky for me, the job of stay-at-home mom is more of a twenty-hour per day job, so I'm surviving just fine.

At my first staff meeting as an intern, the boss asked us, “If you could have any job, what would it be?” Surprisingly, of the 15 employees present, only one person said they were doing their dream job. I mentioned something like S.W.A.T., which elicited many horrified, or shocked stares and several comments on how I'll probably shoot someone. I was never good at answering unexpected questions.

Long after the meeting ended, I mulled that question over. What was my dream job? Motherhood was always my first pick, and I was lucky enough to do it for more than twenty years. But circumstances changed and I was compelled to return to the work force.

Is being an addictions counselor what I really want to do for the next several decades of my life? Could I make it as a writer? How about focusing all of my energy on the mystery game business my parents left me? I could always concentrate of furthering the non-profit business I'd considered starting, or maybe turn my web design hobby into something more full time. What is my dream job? Which option will make me happiest?

After much contemplation, I realized that I am in my dream job. Addictions studies fascinates me, and the idea of helping others to become better people excites me. Everything else (aside from writing) has been a time filler as I've dabbled here and there in various activities trying to find my passion.

In the past couple of weeks, I've slowly emptied my plate, leaving only writing. It will be my way of unplugging from the world and clearing my mind after a long day of domestic and professional drama.

I'm preparing for another week of mind bogglingly long work days, but this time with a smile on my face. I'm doing what I want to do and living the life I want to live. What more can a person ask for?


  1. I actually had my dream job too. I lost it due to the economy but maybe one day I will get it back. Non fiction editing and pulling together a monthly magazine. I totally loved the challenge.

  2. Great post...and great question. I, too, am weeding and clearing out "time fillers" and trying to discern what is best from what is good and what is better. Writing is huge for me. So why is it so difficult to get it done? hugs~


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