Aug 8, 2015

What to write with

by Cassie Shiels

What do you love to write with? A pen and a piece of lined paper? A sparkle pencil and a special notebook? A key board? A marker?

Do you feel like you write better with one writing instrument then another?

I know I do. I feel like I write differently with the different writing instruments and so I use them to that advantage. I personally love a pen and any kind of paper when writing a scene for the first time or writing down that idea I just had in the shower. (I know that happens to lots of us) But after that I have got to get it into the computer. I haven't written a whole book with pen and paper, but bits and pieces are always done that way for me.

Then after my story is in the computer the fun with a pen really begins. A nice red or purple pen. And highlighters, and extra scratch paper. All come out with my freshly printed draft. (Insert evil cackling) I very much love to see my first draft covered in red. I admit it.

I am not much of a pencil user, but I know people who love pencils the best.

If you haven't thought about it before, maybe take a second. What do you like to write with, at what part of your writing process? Do you have a preference, or does it not matter as long as whatever you have writes?

The good news is its all good. Just something fun to think about.


  1. Most of my writing begins with a pen an paper. I experience a great deal of delight when I use a pen until it runs out of ink. Fun post! thanks!

  2. I much prefer using Prezi. I like the option of riding out every storyline then easily deleting. It keeps me focused on my characters. And I find it easier to use digital options to key on what I need to work out. Am I geeking enough? LOL

    1. Terri, I love your geekiness. I would love to learn from you.


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