Oct 20, 2015

My Ponderizing for the Day

by Terri Wagner

After plowing through Isaiah I decided to change my scripture study to something more pondering than researching. If you have ever studied Isaiah you will totally understand that statement. I had a strong feeling to study the latter-day prophet teachings so I began with October 2015's conference and am working my way backwards reading what President Monson (and then Hinckley, etc) said as I go. I also decided since I'm so distracted these days to write down the conference and the gist of the talk in a short phrase. Eventually I plan to tape that list to my mirror or wall or somewhere I can see it. I also take advantage of the "Notes" section on lds.org to write out my thoughts for that particular talk.

In the beginning, I actually considered the opening and closing remarks as separate talks. For October 2013, I read all the remarks our prophet made and saw a thread in them. This is a new way to study our day. So if I may, here's what I have so far. Enjoy!

April 2015 • Go to the temple to find peace (Sunday am) • Angels can be our companions (Priesthood)

October 2014 • Chart a course of righteousness (Priesthood) • Walk as Jesus walked (Sunday am) • Invoked blessings on us (closing)

April 2014 • Be courageous in the face of ridicule (Priesthood) • Love is the essence of the gospel (Sunday am) • Fill your home with love, kindness, and courtesy (closing)

October 2013 • Support the missionary fund (opening) • Be a shepherd to those you home teach (Priesthood) • Trust in God when bad times come and accept they will come (Sunday am)

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  1. What a great idea for studying the latter-day prophets. I am going to be watching for more of your insights. And I think I will add a little research to add to my seminary lessons...great post! thank you!


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