Nov 7, 2015


by Cindy R. Williams

Yesterday was my birthday. Here's what I thought about it.

  • Old, but feel not so old, yet sometimes I feel like a hundred.
  • Looking in the mirror. Who is that grandma looking lady? She sure looks tired. Then later, Wow, I don't see any wrinkles. Looking good for in your fifties now. 
  • Glad that fifties are the new twenties . . . okay forties. 
  • How weird that I received more birthday wishes from people on Facebook--some I don't even know--than from birthday cards, calls or from live bodies in first person. 
  • Nice day not to worry about too much sugar, fat, carbs, red meat or too little exercise.
  • Day to ponder who I have become. Do I want to stay that person, or create a new and improved version?
  • How did I get that tummy?  (Like just this day I woke up and there it was. Yes, I am in denial here.)
  • Thankful that this tough year is over and having faith that this next year will be full of reached goals. 
  • Counting on one hand how many people are not speaking to me on this birthday, and realizing I am actually relieved that I don't have to speak to them. (Okay, too much info here, but three of them are crazy, one has few boundaries and is close being a stalker and the other one scares the living daylights out of me.)
  • Don't care about presents. Do care that my children remember my birthday and have at least a few fond memories of forgiving kindness to direct my way. 
  • Gift to self. A nap on my pretend cloud bed. A long story for another blog.
  • Next year I am going to rest when I'm tired. Not feel guilty to say no when needed. Scale down on the supermom stuff. Let my creativity go sky high. Act on inspiration and promptings. Smile tons more and find more humor and humanity in situations. Move into a castle.


  1. I love this least most of it. I'm sorry you have some crazy stalker people in your life...but then, more fodder for writing! Right? Sure do love you. I treasure our friendship. You are magnificent. And of course, now I feel bad for not calling you in person on your bday! hugs~

  2. Glad you can laugh at yourself. Number one important trait to survive getting older.


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