Nov 28, 2015

Fun ways to be thankful

I like to think of ways to make November all about being thankful and helping my kids even thought they are young to think about behind thankful too. So I am sharing some of the fun things I try to do to keep thankfulness the theme for November at our house. If you like any of theses feel free to give them a try, they would be good for some older kids too!
1. Make a paper turkey and write things we are thankful for on the feathers. You could do this in one night or slowly add feathers throughout the month.
2. Thankful tree same basic idea as the turkey but with leaves on the tree instead of feathers on the turkey.
3. Take up the challenge of sharing on social media something you are thankful for everyday of November.
4. Start a gratitude journal.
5. Play the I am thankful for… game. Kind of like I spy with my little eye.
etc. Theses are just some of the fun ways we have tried keeping the spirit of thanksgiving all month long. What else have you all tried?


  1. I liked the idea of playing a little I Spy counting your blessings. I had to travel over the holiday by myself so i spent time doing just that counting my blessings. Made the miles go by.

  2. I love your ideas! One thing I have been trying is sending a text or message to someone who randomly comes to my mind during the day and telling them how grateful I am to know them and how amazing they are. Like you! Thank you for sharing and being so amazing! hugs~


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