Dec 1, 2015

Book of Mormon in a Month

by Terri Wagner

For some years now I take this challenge. I like the idea of reading the BOM in a month (any month with 30 days will do). Somehow reading the entire book in really one setting paints a picture of a family, a land, and lessons passed down. It's tough, because if you miss a day, you are seriously behind. Take the challenge. Share your thoughts on FB. Read 8 chapters a day. Simple right? Remember you can listen to the scriptures, read them online, in your hand and enjoy the experience. The FB page to check in with your progress and enjoy others is Read the Book of Mormon Challenge.

1 comment:

  1. I've been limping along with this challenge this year...but loving reading the Book of Mormon along with my seminary study of the Old Testament. It's crazy how differently I look at the things Nephi had to say. Thanks for the post Terri! you rock.


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