Dec 31, 2015

What Kind of Goal Maker Are You?

By Susan Allred

Several days ago, Marsha Ward discussed some of her writing goals for the upcoming year. As I read her blog, I got to thinking about what I will be doing in 2016.

I'm totally into goals. I have pages and pages of goals...or to-do lists...or both, strewn all over my house. It's a running joke in our family. My husband refuses to sit down with me when I'm bit by the goal-making bug for fear I will suck him into my frenzy. Instead, he rolls his eyes and exits the room as quickly as humanly possible, hoping I don't follow with pen and paper in hand.

At any given time, I have a list of financial goals, spiritual goals, educational goals, family goals, fitness goals, writing goals, etc. There are so many, I couldn't possibly hope to achieve them all in one year. But to me, it's more about organizing all my thoughts onto paper and focusing on what's truly important. Writing down desired outcomes helps me avoid the shiny penny syndrome which, admittedly, happens way more often than I'd care to admit.

This year, I'm opting to depart from my preferred methods, instead weeding through the cacophony of demands on my time to choose only three major goals. It's been nerve-wracking, but I've managed. I figure everything achieved beyond those goals will be icing on the metaphorical cake.

This year my goals are:
  1. Go to the temple six times.
  2. Hit goal weight.
  3. Submit my first book to be published.
These will be written on a piece of paper and they won't get lost in the clutter of daily life. They'll stand like sentinels on my wall – big and bold – reminding me of my priorities and where my time and energy should be focused.

As you step in to the new year, what do you hope 2016 will have in store for you? Are your goals lofty and scary? Or is the goal to simplify and enjoy life more? Do you even make goals at the beginning of the year?

I'd love to hear what you have hope to achieve this year. It's exciting to hear the different stages each person is at in their lives and to cheer them on along the way. May 2016 be filled with adventure, happiness, love and peace. Happy New Year!!


  1. Good for you Susan! I am always making new goals, too. I haven't formally written any down this year - yet. Everything has been moving too fast. I think I'll take time for that today. Thanks for the reminder! hugs~

  2. Worthy goals. I hope you make them all.


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