Apr 2, 2016

Hurray for general confrence

I had a great time Saturday watching General Conference. I hope many of you had an enjoyable conference weekend as well. Its a good thing to take a step back from the normal chaos of life to relax and work on our spiritual side of life. I have little kids so I don't get to hear as much as I would wish but I think its good we were all there.
I have wondered more then once what it would be like to write a talk like they do. How in the world do they handle that pressure? This is a major talk, something that will be said to millions not just on TV but also printed in the Engine. I know help for above and inspiration has to play a huge role, but also word choice. Every word is being scrutinized for deep meaning. It just amazes me. I don't think I could do it. But I like the idea of using this as a writing exercise.
So for those who want to try here is a suggestion. Write down what you feel would be a spiritual message you wish to share with others. It can include but doesn't have to the following. The story of the experience that taught you this message you wish to share, scriptures, quotes, and your testimony. You don't ever have to share this if you don't want to it can just be a journal entry, but search your mind for something that has deeply touched you or made a change in your life, and write about it.

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  1. Unfortunately I missed all of conference but dvr'd it so I can start watching. Heard about Elder Holland's closing remarks which were to say the least uplifting.


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