Apr 16, 2016

Writing mom

I Know that a lot of us are mothers and writers.  And sometimes it's rather hard balancing both.  I know since I had my new baby last month it is made it very hard for me to write. How do they do it I often wonder?  These great writers who I look up to who are also mothers. I know I'm still trying to figure it out. There are a couple things I've recently learned.
I may not always be able to sit at my desk and write for an hour or two in the evening if I want to  but I can write at my kitchen counter while the macaroni and cheese boils.  I can nurse my baby to sleep and very carefully pull my work in progress over and try to get a page or two.  And if I choose to do some editing while my children are running around and playing I might also end up traceing their hands on my paper, or give them a corner of my page to color on. And it's okay if it's like that for now. As mothers we have to find a way to make it work. To find the balance. I know I am still figuring it out and through trial and error I expect to figure it out.
Then I also have to keep in mind that as they grow older things will change. Later on I might be able to sit at my desk and write for an hour or two and that will be awesome! But I might miss drying little hands on my Works in progress.  I might be able to being evening writer right now, but when they become teenagers I might have to change that to the morning. Who knows! All I know is that if we want to be writers and mothers we will figure it out.


  1. You would think having no kids would make a difference but it doesn't. Time seems to be the enemy in the 21st century.

  2. All my "littles" are grown up and I still search for that mythical "free time" that I hear so much about. I have learned that we all have the same 24 hours and we all choose to use if in different ways depending on our time and season. I am learning how to choose between good, better and best. I am also learning how to let some of those "good" things go so that I can pursue the "best" even if the pathway there seems more difficult. Thanks for sharing your tender thoughts. You are a great mom!


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