Apr 9, 2016

Writing Tip #7 by the WWD

by Cindy R. Williams

(The boss of the blog said we need to put our picture up on each blog--I think I have this right, so here it is. Happy and sassy!)

Writing Tip #7 by the WWD


How rude you say? Not if being lazy is used as an excuse to not write. I know an author who is a Stake President in his spare time and his daytime job is as a judge in Arizona. He had an idea for a book he wanted to write, but had NO TIME. Do you know what he did? He got up at four in the morning instead of six, for a year in order to crank it out. Now that is what I call NOT LAZY! 
I sure don't want to get up at four to write, however, I do want to take my own writing more seriously and follow a good daily schedule to write more. What do you do to get your writing done?

Someone asked me to give them some writing tips. This sure got me thinking. Hmmm . . . I could go online and find some for them. I could peruse my many books on writing and share. Then I realized that I have a few things that have come to me through the school of hard knocks. So I dug deep and came up with these. I call myself  the "WWD--Writer With Desire".  I will post them throughout the year.

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  1. I don't think I could drag myself up that early but kudos to him for doing it.


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