May 28, 2016

Learned something new

by Cassie Shiels

I think we can always learn something new from every writing book, blog, or conference we attend. So I was reading a book on writing the other night and something hit me. She was talking about how a character should have a major flaw. Not just she has a lisp or she is shy... but something that will get in the way of her living a normal life that will make what she has to do during the book hard.

That got me thinking and I had to rethink what I have been working on, because I agree. Her flaw should be part of the big picture in the book. I thought through some of my favorite movies and I could see that in a lot of them.

For example, in Willow, he is small and short, and doubts himself. That affects the whole story. Only when he accepts himself for who he is and has faith in himself does he win.

Or how about a chick flick, Sweet Home Alabama. She is ashamed of her past, and is hiding from it. It's only when she realizes that she loves being a southern girl that things become clear to her and she chooses to have that as part of her life again.

This idea can be seen in many other books and movies. I know it might not be in all of them but I loved the idea once I realized it. I think I am going to try and do this. Write a story where the main character's flaw is vital to the story. Some of you, I am sure, have already figured this out, but for me it was a little bit of an eye opener, and I was glad that I learned something new.


  1. Good reminder Cassie - not only that our characters need flaws, but also that we can always learn something new. Thanks!

  2. What's sad or glad here is I know both those movies lol. MC with a lifechanging flaw that's a handful right there. Great reminder Cassie thx for sharing.


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