May 7, 2016

Writing Tip #9 by the WWD

by Cindy R. Williams

Writing Tip #9 by the WWD

Stop comparing yourself with other writers around you. Write your heart and then roll up your sleeves and find a home for your work. 

Do you find that others around you in your writing world are having success with their books? You are happy for them, but now, doubt yourself and what you write. Maybe it won't appeal to others, maybe it's not good enough, maybe, maybe, maybe. We maybe ourselves into a corner. Let's not give up on ourselves. Let's write what are passionate about and then GO FOR IT!

Someone asked me to give them some writing tips. This sure got me thinking. Hmmm . . . I could go online and find some for them. I could peruse my many books on writing and share. Then I realized that I have a few things that have come to me through the school of hard knocks. So I dug deep and came up with these. I call myself  the "WWD--Writer With Desire".  I will post them throughout the year.


  1. This is a huge challenge for me...thanks for the reminder. hugs~


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