Feb 2, 2017

What Adelaide's Lament Would Look Like If She Had Been a Writer

by Kari Diane Pike
What Adelaide's Lament Would Look Like If She Had Been a Writer
(adapted from the lyrics to "Adelaide's Lament" by Frank Loesser [Guys and Dolls])
The average [wanna be author]
Basically insecure
Due to some long frustration may react
With psychosomatic symptoms
Difficult to endure
Affecting the upper respiratory tract
In other words
Just from waiting around
For [word her book has been sold]
A [writer] can develop a cold
You can spray her wherever you figure
The streptococci lurk
You can give her a shot
For whatever she's got
But it just won't work
If she's tired of getting [rejections]
From [her publisher]
A person
Can develop a cold
The [writer remaining unpublished], uh
Just in the legal sense, ahh
Shows a neurotic tendency
See note
Where's note? Uh
Chronic organic syndromes
Toxic and hypertense
Involving the eye,
The ear and the nose and throat
Oh, that's very interesting
In other words
Just from worrying
Whether [she'll ever get published
A writer
Can develop a cold]

It seems that every time I put my BIC HOK TAM (see Marsha Ward's earlier post), I come down with a cold. I've had some interesting health challenges the past couple of years, but they were all related to drug allergies and doctors trying to fix things that weren't broken. 

I rarely get colds. Until this year. And the harder I try to get my book written, the more I end up in a doctor office. I realize that there is little to no correlation or causation between these two things. I just think it's interesting that they have occurred together. Oh well. At least these experiences give me something to write about. 

Oh, and talk about something to write about - I woke up yesterday morning and found a notification in my inbox about a flight dear hubby purchased for me: round trip to London from Phoenix (the end of May) with two of our daughters. We get to spend 10 days temple hopping in Europe. I am beyond excited. 

New Flash! There's more:  I just got the best text ever from our youngest daughter and her husband: "We have a baby!" So tomorrow morning I'll be heading north to Utah to meet our newest granddaughter. Squeee! 

Life is magnificent. 

Now if I can just get rid of this chronic organic syndrome. Perhaps the cure is to finish the book.



  1. Funny lament! Guys & Dolls is a favorite; I can just hear Adelaide!

    Sorry about the colds---they're miserable, but you get little sympathy because, after all, it's Just A Cold. But wonderful news about the trip and the baby! The world spins on, and miracles happen!

  2. Hmmm you sound way too busy to write. Enjoy the new grandbaby and I'm jealous of the Europe trip


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