Jun 4, 2010

Rest, Rest for the Writer

by Joan Sowards

All night I tossed and turned in bed,
I couldn't rest my tired head,
For characters and twisted plots
Kept mulling in my midnight thoughts.

I cried, “Come on now, go away.
Can’t this wait until the day?
I have so many things to do
Tomorrow, when the day is new.”

"But did they go away?" you ask.
Not on your life. They stayed to bask
In glory of their veto power
And robbed me of my sleeping hour.

And at the window in the night
A glow—The motion sensor light?
I squeezed my drowsy eyelids tighter,
All the while the light grew brighter.

Oh, grief! It was the light of dawn
And Earth had kept the course she’s on
In spite the loss of precious sleep.
(Results that make this writer weep.)

Oh!—the hours I wasted fighting,
Could've been spent happily writing!


  1. Joan, I love your post! perhaps i should take advantage of the insomnia and get some real writing done myself!

    Keep writing my gifted friend. btw...did I tell you that our girls are learning and using your song " Be Strong" for girls camp this year? So fun!

  2. This is so true! In fact it's exactly my night last night. You've hit it on the head, Joan!

  3. This is the type of poem that I love. Not only does it tell a story, but it rhymes and has a great rhythm. It made me smile, Joan, and I needed it today. Thanks.

  4. How very, very true! Too bad my husband can't fall asleep (or stay asleep) without me. He's forced me to become a morning writer, despite my natural inclinations.

  5. What a cute poem. I loved it;thanks for posting it!

  6. ...which is exactly why I've pulled so many all-nighters when compulsion wouldn't let me sleep!

  7. Kari, I'm excited your YW are using my song Be Strong. Thanks for telling me.

    Thank you, everyone for your comments!

  8. I get woke up and then I my characters wake up too or I "research" on the web hoping to fall asleep. I really enjoyed your poem.

  9. Adorable. But the truth is I often invite them.

  10. Neat poem, and one we can all relate to.


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