Jun 20, 2010

Great Fathers

By Christine Thackeray

I was supposed to write yesterday and missed so I'm stealing today but being Father's day there were some things I wanted so badly to say about Father's.

My father had twelve children which must have been a great challenge, but when I think of some of our conversations through my stubborn college years, it amazes me how well he excelled with a very difficult girl.

My father was a man of such honor, discipline and righteousness that sometimes he intimidated me, sometimes it angered me that he didn't seem to have the same trials of temptation as the rest of us. His heart was so pure. But I always knew he loved me. His love was unconditional and his advice was inspired.

My father passed away a few years ago so father's day now is focused on the man who is the father of my children. He also has that pure heart. He craves righteousness and loves his children so completely, it touches me.

He also listens to the Spirit and immediately obeys. I'll always remember the say we were headed on a date annd he slammed onthe brakes in the middle of the road, turned around and ran to our backyard to disemble the trampoline. He got back in the car and we continue to the movie a little later. I asked him why he had done it and he said he saw our large teenage son jumping when our toddler walked under the trampoline. He said he knew was from the spirit and he didn't have to be told twice.

Yesterday he was taking a little neighbor boy that we LOVE to a school activity. He's not a member of the church. As they were walking side by side surrounded by the other kids, he turned to this little boy and said, "Luke, it's time we have the talk." Luke, a small, very sweet thirteen year old looked up with fear in his eyes, 'What talk." Greg told him that he didn't want to see him getting tattoes or piercings. Those things made God sad because he likes our bodies just the way they are. Later Greg said, "It's wierd because I wasn't even really thinking about it but it just came out."

I looked at my husband shocked. "You know," I said, "his older brothers are covered with tattoes and have gages in their ears." Greg said Luke had replied that he didn't want to be that way and was going to try and be good.

I'm just grateful for a great Father and a great Father of my children. Just as women can reach beyond their families and mother's those that need the umbrella of our home, it's nice to see righteous priesthood holders do the same.

Fathers are so important. I have five sons and there comes a point where it takes a man to tame a boy and if you don't have one, certain lessons are hard to teach. I hope each of us celebrate the great fathers in our lives and encourage our husbands to father those within their reach.


  1. Appropriate tribute. Good fathers are priceless.

  2. Well said, Christine. I am grateful for all the great men who have influenced my life.

  3. Weird as this might sound, I thought suddenly in my prayers on Sunday hey it's Heavenly Father's Father's Day too, kinda.

  4. Thanks for the reminder that we should never underestimate the influence of righteous fathers!

  5. Thanks for sharing about your father and husband. You are very blessed to have them both.


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