Jun 30, 2010

A "Real" Vacation

I've been thinking about vacations, and not only because it's that time of year. For many years, a combination of having four children, frequent layoffs, and family distance kept us at home over the summer.

During the 20 years I spent as a stay-at-home mom, money was tight, so trips were few and far between. I tried to keep the kids busy with activities, so summertime was fun, just at home in Texas.

Shortly after I began working, my husband was laid off. I took a job teaching summer school, eliminating most of my summer. I was able to fill the afternoons with fun, but between entertaining the children and cleaning, there was no relaxation time.

Never feeling financially secure, I kept working in the summer or taking classes to advance my career. This is probably the first summer when I haven't taken an extra job. We went to Philadelphia last week for my father-in-law's birthday. He turned 90! There was a great party, and he was so pleased to see us.

Although I'm currently at home, starting PhD classes, looking for a publisher, and trying to reorganize my house. I feel more relaxed than I have in a long time. The race to get things done doesn't seem so important anymore.

Another vacation , a family reunion with all my children and grandchildren, is coming up. Can't wait! I hope you can get into vacation mode. Soon!


  1. Ok, you beat me, 2001 was my last vacation.

  2. I am glad you are now getting these small breaks.

  3. How wonderful that you were able to visit and celebrate with your father-in-law. Have fun with your kids and grandkids! Ours are coming next in 2 days! Can't wait!

  4. Well I'm only going on my second year of no vacation and ur right it's not fun.


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