Jun 16, 2010

Time for a Change

Looks like this summer will be a time of great changes for me and my family. The biggest change is that my youngest child, Cassie, leaves for BYU tomorrow. While I am proud and excited for her, it feels like I'm being laid off from a job after 28 years. While my children still need me, it will be in a different way. Just this week, my older daughter texted me that she had lost her flash drive filled with engineering homework. She found it, then hurried off to back it up on her laptop and a new additional flash drive. My three-year-old grandson also recently had a speech evaluation, so I had his mom email me the report so I could evaluate it (I'm an educational diagnostician, so I do this all the time). Younger son also wanted some recipes to make for his dinner group at BYU.

But I will miss the association. Here's a picture with Cassie at a recent minor-league baseball game. Right now my older son (father of the two grandchildren) is in upstate New York interviewing for a job (he graduates in August). He also has an interview scheduled next week in New Jersey. Tami (older daughter) has several weeks off this summer from BYU-Idaho, but will be working for an engineering firm in Idaho. They have also offered her a job after graduation. John (younger son), graduates in December, and is applying for jobs all over.

We are blessed to have a family reunion in Provo in a couple of weeks. I rented a house, originally to have everyone together for my book launch, but that was pushed back indefinitely. So, we will have a wonderful family vacation instead.

What lies ahead? As I consider the challenges, I try to remember the recent words of a wise friend, "It will all  be OK in the end. If it's not OK, it's not the end."


  1. I have a three and a six year old and I know I'll be your shoes in a blink of an eye. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Transitions are fascinating. Existing between periods of stability, or rest, however you wish to look at it, transitions are when we experience the most growth. It kind of reminds me of advancing from one grade to the next. blessings to you in this new and exciting time! hugs~

  3. New seasons are always adventuresome. My mom has been a widow for 3 years now...I still can't get her to understand it's about her now.

  4. I guess that is how we know we are alive. Most people don't recomend the alternative.


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