Jun 21, 2010

Parent Letters

By Rebecca (and Steve) Irvine

My son's scoutmaster called last week and asked that we (as parents) write a letter that could be given to my son during scout camp this week. Last year I wrote a letter to him for a similar purpose, so I decided to have my husband be the author of this year's note. Following is what he wrote (including any and all typos); I think it is one my son will love! Enjoy!

Dear Monkey (son's name here).

Commentary and review portion of the letter
You’re a good monkey. We’re very proud of you. You’re a responsible kid and we think you’ll probably grow up just fine.
You’ve been a good student and it will serve you well to continue to apply yourself to education.We think of you as a great blessing in our lives.

Parent Counsel portion of the letter
The scriptures are a great work that have valuable information regarding the ways you should manage your life. Beyond the scriptures there is prayer and the guidance of the holy ghost.
Here’s some practical advice that I think is valuable and worth knowing and remembering. It comes from interviews with Appalachian mountain people who live a more simple life and closer to nature. I don’t remember it exactly, but it says approximately this:
Don’t do nothing that you wouldn’t do in front of your ma and pa and you’ll be in the good old place when you get called back yonder.

Jedi squirrel portion of the letter

Mini 14 portion of the letter

Love, Dad


  1. Awesome. Gotta love Dads and their sons. I love the Appalachian saying!

  2. Dads are so different thank goodness.

  3. I love the simplicity. My letter would likely have exceeded 800 words and contain hotlinks to passages of scripture, general authority quotes, and probably a silhouette picutre of a square-faced dog.

  4. I loved it. My favorite part was the Jedi squirrels.


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