Jun 27, 2010

Loopy English and Blog Team Changes

by Marsha Ward

I'm sure the person who wrote conquer for concur must have been very tired at the time. The stress isn't even on the same syllable.

Conquer: vt. 1 to get control of as by winning a war 2 to overcome; defeat ---vi. to win

Concur: vi. 1 to occur at the same time 2 to act together 3 to agree (with)

We are saying goodbye to two of our blog team members: Sarah Hinze and Marielle Carlisle. Thank you for your posts, ladies.

Please welcome our new bloggers: Tamara Passey and Cecily Markland. Actually, Cecily is a returning blogger, as she worked on the team in our early days. We're happy to have you with us, Tamara and Cecily.


  1. I conquer! Welcome Cecily and Tamara!

  2. Now I don't feel so bad about my mixing up guest for quest. I could see that something was wrong but I could not place my finger on it!

  3. Thanks Marsha. Happy to be here. Love the blog!

  4. Welcome, welcome to Tamara and Cecily!

  5. Thanks to Sarah and Marielle and welcome to Tamara and Cecily. Look forward to your blogging.

  6. Thank you Sarah and Marielle. Welcome Tamara and Cecily.


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