Jun 15, 2010

ANWA Founder & Friends Blog...

by Valerie Ipson

...wherein the founder of American Night Writers Association goes all pink and tres chic-y on us. [That's my idea for the new subtitle of this blog.]

My plan tonight was to hurry in and hurry out since my day to blog is just about up. (It's 11:30 PM but I didn't want to miss my turn ---AGAIN--- I think I was pretty much MIA in May.) But now (after taking a moment to make sure I was in the right place) I'm taking my time, checking it out, enjoying the new digs. I must say I was very happily surprised when I logged on to find the fun new decor.

Very refreshing, Marsha!

So now I have a question...does this count as a blog post? Do I have to go ahead and blog about what I had in mind or can this count?

I'd really just like to go to bed.

It's been a very long day.

Sometimes even Night Writers need some sleep.


Thank you.


  1. I know exactly what you mean. When I missed a few days and then logged in today the pink really threw me off at first. But it's a nice change. Kudos, Marsha!

    (And yes, Valerie, I think your observation counts.)


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