Feb 12, 2008

For my love on Valentine’s Day

By Betsy Love

Several years ago, when I was waxing poetic about my relationship with my eternal companion I penned these few words. I tried to keep them as unsappy as possible, but hey, it's Valentine's Day (almost), and my last name is Love, both my maiden name and my married name. I couldn't help it.

For My Love on Valentine's Day

At its center
Comes the greatest of these
Joyfully serving
Anxious to please

Loving eternal
Whilst everyday living
Earthly experience
Sharing and giving

Sorrow and strife
Tempered with bliss
Pain and wrong
Pleasured with a kiss.

My friend, my lover
Dear one art thee
Give of thyself
Only to me.

As if these coincidences aren't enough I have son who is turning 25 on Valentine's Day. I guess my life and home are meant to be filled with Love, not just on this one day, but all year long.


  1. Betsy, That, including the poem, was absolutely Love-ly! I've hardly thought about Valentine's day. Yikes!

  2. Thank you for sharing your Love poem and family thoughts. May you always be surrounded by Love.

  3. Your poem is beautiful Betsy. I don't think it's sappy at all...just full of Love! I tell people all the time about my friend named Love, who married another Love and had a baby on Valentine's day...It always brings a smile to their face. We love you Betsy!

  4. Thanks for lifting my spirits, and reminding me or my own love affair not only with my husband, but with life. I saw flowering trees loaded with blossoms today, and gloried in spring. Life is wonderful, especially when you love.


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