Feb 13, 2008

To Blog or not to Blog

by Anna Arnett

To my surprise, though I've read maybe half of the posts this month, I haven't commented on even one. I've been thinking for a week or more about what I could blog about, came up with three or four ideas, but can't seem to make myself write. After Charles was hospitalized, I made a new discovery about me. I get tired easily. I don't seem to run out of energy if I only have one big thing a day to do--like shopping, taking Charles to the doctor, going to church or ANWA. Two biggies tire me, and three in one day are almost too many. Oh, I can do them, but have to rest all the next day. I mean lay-around rest, not bedrest. You know the kind; I always feed Charles and give him his pills, and I might also get dressed, read a book, knit, watch TV, talk on the phone, eat chocolate, check my email, and write my minimum of a hundred words. Today is one of those days, so this is all the blog I'm giving. There's always another time in another two weeks. Just know that I love you, I'm happy, and life is still wonderful.


  1. Anna, I'm glad you aren't too tired to eat chocolate...now that would be tired! I would say your list of things to do in a day is still pretty long! And, you are always able to make me smile. We love you too, Anna!

  2. Maybe it's time to take a breather. I'm glad you're not too tired to eat chocolate, too. That would be a real problem. Love you, too, Rene


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