Feb 9, 2008

A mother teaches a prophet of Christian service

by Margaret Turley

When asked by a reporter about his own desire to reach out to the poor and the needy, President Monson said he learned it from his mother. He grew up watching her help young men, with meals and encouragement, coming to the West of the United States looking for employment during the Depression.

I think this is the greatest tribute that can be given to a mother, that her son, now the president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, says he learned the quality of reaching out in service to the poor and needy – a very Christian act – from his mother.

I was impressed by President Monson’s humility, by President Eyring’s positive reinforcement of everything that was said, and by President Uchtdorf’s apparent readiness to step up to the plate in service to the church and to Heavenly Father. How comforting to know things will continue to be run like they should be.

May we always be the kind of mothers that will be remembered by their children as good examples of what a Christian should be.

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  1. Thanks, Margaret! It is a great comfort to witness the smoothness of the transition of leadership...because Heavenly Father already had everything in place and everyone where they needed to be. What a contrast to the political frenzy as we try to choose a new President of our Nation.

    I sure hope I can be a good example for my children...rather than a horrible warning!


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