May 23, 2008


By Kristine John

One of my great joys is getting away every other month for a scrapbooking/stamping night that I do not teach.

It's my time just to sit back and relax, and learn from a friend and fellow Stampin' Up! demonstrator.

Last night was that long awaited night.

I was actually like a little child all week with constant questioning, "Is it Thursday yet?"

My spirits were high, and my creative juices were flowing. I arrived and gave and received hugs all around. (This is seriously one of the sweetest groups of women who I have ever had the chance of associating with!)

The night always begins with a dinner, lovingly prepared by the "hostess" that month. These ladies go all out and fix wonderful meals to share with their friends and start out the evening just right. We had lovely conversation over the meal...and enjoyed just being together.

Shortly after all the dinner was cleared away, however, I started feeling queasy... I kept dismissing it, thinking I would start feeling better...and perhaps I had just eaten a little too much. The queasiness was followed by dizziness...and shortly thereafter, the absolute inability to follow anything that was being said. I even put tape on the wrong side of a project and nearly ruined the whole thing! (Keep in mind that I teach other people how to do this most of the time, so that was the final, telling straw that I really was ill.)

I packed up my things, and made a quick exit...praying that I would make it home safely.

I still feel miserable...and have spent this, the first day of summer vacation, sleeping away, waking just long enough to ask for the older children's help with the baby. I do think it was something I ate...but I don't think anyone else was affected...which seems a bit odd.

It's bad enough to be sick, but to have to leave my precious night of stamping early?

That's just flat out wrong.


  1. Oh, Kristine! I'm so sorry you are ill...and to have your night ruined really is flat out wrong, as you put it. I am glad your older children are helpful. I think it's wrong that Mom's can get sick in the first place! Get better!!!

    btw...I love Stampin' up...but everyone I know that does it moved away or quit! How fun for you!

  2. It is such a bummer to get sick and totally unfair when it happens on night when you have such fun plans. Hope you feel better.

  3. Man can I relate here. Because of my stupid allergies, when the weather is gorgeous, I'm sick and can't really enjoy it; when the weather is getting rainy, I get headaches that defy description; but when it's a yucky raining dark sort of day, I'm great. I personally think this is not only weird ha but wrong just plain wrong.

  4. I hope you are feeling better. If not you should see a doctor. Illness is no fun - and mothers tend to neglect themselves in favor of taking care of their children, spouses and so forth. So please take care.
    Margaret Turley (RN)


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