May 26, 2008

No Time to Blog Today

by Joyce DiPastena

I don’t have time to blog today.

My sister is visiting from Salt Lake City. We will be spending her birthday together later this week, but we’re starting our celebrations early. I want to spend every minute I can with her while she’s here, so I don’t have time to blog today.

We have three summer blockbusters we have to fit in while she’s here. I think we’ll save The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian and the new Indiana Jones movie for later in the week. Iron Man has been out the longest, so it’ll probably be the easiest to get in to see on Memorial Day. It’s a long drive to a theater from Kearny, so I don’t have time to blog today.

While we’re in Mesa, we’ll find somewhere fun to go out to eat. Maybe Serrano’s Mexican Food. (My sister says they don’t know how to “do” Mexican food in Salt Lake City.) Or Marie Callendars to share some strawberry pie. Or maybe the Chinese Gourmet Buffet all the way in Chandler. They do know how to “do” Chinese food in Salt Lake City (or at least, in Bountiful), but I’m not in Salt Lake City (or Bountiful) to eat Chinese food with her right now, so we’ll have to eat it in the Valley. We’ll have to hustle to fit in both a movie and a “nice” lunch, so I don’t have time to blog today.

And after the movie and lunch, we’ll have to go shopping for a birthday cake to bring back home with us. And we might have to swing by a Cold Stone Creamery and use the gift cards we gave each other for Christmas, without knowing the other’s intention. (I guess we just think like sisters!) After all that movie watching, eating, and shopping, it might be late when we get home, too late to blog today.

So I hope you’ll all forgive me, just this once. I’ll try hard to do better the next time my turn rolls around. But as for today…I just don’t have time to blog!


  1. Sounds like a fun week, Joyce! I wish I had grown up with a sister or two...I hope you have a marvelous time...and I look forward to you blogging about it!

  2. So sorry you don't have time to blog today. :-) Those are great reasons, though. Ain't family wonderful?

  3. Cute post. I rather liked the justaposition of I don't have time to blog even as you were blogging.

  4. How clever, Joyce. Wish I had done that instead of merely not blogging. You set me such a good example.


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