Jun 10, 2008

Murder Mysteries

I hope I can get this posted before the next thunderstorm rolls in. I can't complain. This morning, I saw a rainbow which as we all know has LDS significance and finally rain. We're in a drought out here, down here, where ever here is from where you are and the rain is truly an answer to prayer. However, it did delay my posting.

I fell in love with murder mysteries about eight years ago. Until then, I was pretty hooked on sci/fi fantasy as far as fiction. My first love is still a good non fiction history book, but I digress. One of my first oh-you'll-have-to-read this series was by Anne Perry, of which you may be familiar. At some point she became LDS. She has two sets of series both set in Victoria England. Then I got turned on to a series about Brother Cadfael set in medieval England by Ellis Peters and most happily the Amelia Peabody series set in Egypt/England by Elizabeth Peters. And you know what I like most about these series which I re read constantly, they all have moral endings.

As a writer, I know it’s fun to push the envelope, have an anti-hero hero, have a torrid romance that starts with anger/hatred, even push people into situations where they HAVE to deal with one another.

But as a reader, I hate that. I like the genre to follow the genre. I like my heroes to be heroes and I just won’t read books where that’s different. I suspect the ones who like the envelope pushing would consider my choices boring.

I have a point, ha. I am not rambling here (well ok maybe a little). Here it is, tada, write what you like to read. Works every time. Read interviews by authors. They always mentioned how they liked a certain something as a reader that took them on their writing journey.

Ok thunderstorms are back. I’m going to post. Hope this made sense.


  1. I have never been bored by your writing.

  2. Thank you for adding to my reading list! I have enjoyed Dick Francis mysteries...at least his earlier books.

    Congratulations on the rain! I'm jealous!

  3. Excellent advice, Terri. That's what I try to do with my writing, which is why it never quite fits in a "niche". But oh! how much more fun, than to try to write to a formula that you don't enjoy.

  4. It is incredibly dry here, too.


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