Jun 6, 2008

A Poem

By Patrick N. John (for Kristine M. John)
I watched the sun coming up on the hill at the entrance to work. It inspired this poem.

I walked down a canyon
At the breaking of dawn
The shadow enveloped
The side I was on

Like a candle just lit
The other side burned
By the light of the sun
The shadow was spurned

I raced to the bottom
Seeking the light
The light raced to meet me
Oh glorious sight!

We met at the bottom
In a long warm embrace
And welcome warm kisses
Soft on my face

I walked up the hill
From whence it had come
And saw there a cross
And God’s Holy One

The shadow rejoicing
The Son was put out
Dark surrounds everything
The world full of doubt

Three days sat in darkness
The world in despair
Would the Sun e’er return
To that hill o’er there?

Then warm welcoming kisses
Broke forth on my cheek
The light had returned
The world to the meek

My hope in the Son
Forever in light
My darkness he’s taken
And banished the night

Though only in spirit
Have I witnessed this scene
My heart feels warm kisses
And I know Truth serene.


  1. Beautiful, and touching. Thanks for posting.

  2. Lovely poem. It brings back warm memories of hiking up a mountain in Montana once and unexpectedly coming upon a large Christus that faced out towards the Flathead Valley. It was unforgettable.

  3. Thank you for the lovely meditation in this poem - I always love light as symbolism.

  4. Sorta says it all the picture and the poetry. Well done.


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