Jun 29, 2008

Of Melodramas and Mountain Storms

by Marsha Ward

The last week of June, our small church congregation puts on an old timey melodrama for the surrounding communities. It's a lot of fun, and I've enjoyed my participation onstage in the past.

This year, I was content to take part in the background: distributing free tickets for the four performances, and playing the piano for "The Old Cookie Shop, or Nellie Was Baker 'Cause She Kneaded the Dough". Soon I'm sure I won't be able to play "Sweet Annie O'Grady" in my sleep, or wake up hearing a barbershop arrangement of "Coney Island Baby" playing in my brain. I'll simply revert to Marsha Ward, the community hermit and writer.

And I'll be turning off my computer a lot more than in other seasons. How is it that I forgot our summer lightning storms that seem to blow up without warning? To preserve my data and prevent a catastrophic computer wipeout, I'll be closing down all my programs early each afternoon instead of leaving my baby running for weeks at a time. I'll have to write down on a pad what I was working on, or my ADD will keep me from remembering what tasks I need to complete. Oh well. That's just one of the complications of summertime in the mountains.


  1. Hey, Marsha ~

    Well, I read this first on YOUR blog and then wandered over here ~ so I'll just leave the same comment here:

    Fun stuff! Well, as someone who has seen a "sneak preview" of your previous parts in the melodrama, I'd say it's there loss that you weren't on stage - although I know you are an excellent pianist.

    Enjoy your mountain summer evening.


  2. We just lost our monitor at home. Funny how "little" things make you aware of just how much time you spend on a computer. and that in turn just begs the question, is it worth it?

  3. yes...very wise, Marsha. We woke up a few mornings ago to discover we had a power outage in the night. Yep, we had left all the computers on (home business, school, etc.) Not a pretty picture...but it could have been much worse. All better know...but a lesson learned. Thanks for the reminder!

    I wish I could see your little performance and your big talent!

  4. Marsha, I was in a melodrama once -- some twenty-eight years ago -- and still remember the delightful time we had.

    And I'd better take your advice and turn off my computer more often. The next best thing would be to save everything regularly to one of those timy gadgets that one of my boys got me and I must have somewhere, but it's so small I can never find it.


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